Downtown Detroit Ahead of the Game for Office Space Conversion

The number of office employees working remotely jumped dramatically due to the pandemic, which profoundly impacted Downtown business districts worldwide. Since the end of the emergency phase of the pandemic, the shift back to offices has been slow and incomplete. It is becoming clear that the remote or hybrid model is now here to stay for many office jobs.

Downtown Density 1925-2020

DDP Centennial: 100 years of Population Data By Joshua Long, Data Program Director The Downtown Detroit Partnership (DDP) is marking its 100-year anniversary this year. In 1922, the first version […]

DDP Centennial: The Mayors

The Mayors The Downtown Detroit Partnership has a strong history of working closely with city, county and state government officials to support the Downtown in many factions. Here at the […]

DDP Centennial: How It All Began

In 1922, Oscar Webber of J. L. Hudson Company gathered 13 Detroit businessmen at the Hudson Co. offices to establish the Business Property Association — today’s Downtown Detroit Partnership. The […]

DDP Centennial: Detroit Opera House

Detroit Opera House Also Turns 100 The Detroit Opera House opened in 1922 in the Grand Circus Park Historic District. The 3,500-seat auditorium, designed by renowned architect C. Howard Crane, […]

DDP Centennial: The Walk To Freedom

Martin Luther King, Jr and “The Walk to Freedom” and Social Justice  On June 23, 1963,  the 20th anniversary of the Detroit Race Riot of 1943, Rev. Dr. Martin Luther […]