Getting Around

Transit options to navigate the city include MoGo bike share, DDOT, SMART, FAST, rideshare, the People Mover and the Q-LINE. 

Digital Wayfinding Kiosks

Digital Wayfind Kiosks will be installed in 2022 and can be accessed throughout the city. In partnership with the City of Detroit, these kiosks provide high-level information at a glance about landmarks, destinations, and local businesses.

Transportation Options

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A DDP affiliate, MoGo is Detroit’s first bike share program. There are 620 bikes and 75 stations across six Metro Detroit cities. For more information on how to buy tickets and pick up a bike, click here.

Bike Lanes

Use the many bike lanes and routes throughout Downtown to enjoy the beauty of Detroit and get to your destination. The City of Detroit has a great map that can help you navigate on your bike.


There are several options including Bird, Lime, and Spin that can be used to get around Downtown Detroit.

Please note that riding, staging, or parking electric and/or motorized scooters are prohibited in DDP Parks.



The Detroit Department of Transportation (DDOT) consists of ten core routes and two additional routes that run 24-7.

The SMART Fast Bus also is a great transit option to get to Downtown Detroit from the suburbs, especially along Woodward Avenue.

RTA Hours and Fares:

Hours of operation:

  • Monday – Friday: 5:45am – Midnight
  • Saturday – Sunday: 7:30am – Midnight


  • Purchased at the bus: $8 [one way]
  • Purchased online (discount): $6 [one way]
  • Seniors (65+)/Disability Fare: $4 [one way]
  • Infants 24 months and younger ride free

For information about RTA Michigan, click here.

To learn about RTA's specific D2A2 routes, click here


People Mover

The Detroit People Mover is an elevated train system that takes passengers on a 13 stop route throughout the Detroit business district. Tickets cost 75 cents per ride. 

The Detroit People Mover is open but please visit their webpage (linked here) for the latest information regarding stops, timing and station closures.


The Q-Line street covers 12 stops along Woodward Ave. End to end, the QLINE route connects you with an exciting array of Detroit destinations, activities, and landmarks. It is free to ride right now, but for the most up-to-date information, please visit the QLINE website.

Downtown Map

Parking Info

ParkWhiz provides users with convenient and affordable parking options that are steps away from Downtown Detroit Parks. For locations, hours, pricing, and to book your space in advance.  

Experience Downtown
Detroit Parks

Each season, the Downtown Detroit Parks come alive with a number of unique features — including beautiful landscaping, flowing fountains, historical monuments, flourishing gardens, winter activations, comfortable seating, innovative dining options, and activities that appeal to every age and background.