Downtown Detroit Hotspots

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We all have them. Our “spots.” Our “favs.” Our places to take out-of-towners. 

We thought it would be fun to share these as a community, so we’ve launched “Downtown Detroit Hotspots.” We’re asking Detroiters (and honorary Detroiters) to create their ideal Detroit Destination Day. 

There are no rules. You can start with a meal, activity or destination. Be creative. Tell us your go-to coffee shop, favorite corner of the DIA, best place to watch the freighters, where to listen to music or where to buy flowers. And, of course, where to eat, drink and shop! Just pick a start and go from there. 

We’ll share them here. 

Please include in your email your name and company/organization/neighborhood as available.

Eric B. Larson

ERIC LARSON My Downtown Detroit Hotspots

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JENN SCHANZ My Downtown Detroit Hotspots

TALITHA JOHNSON My Downtown Detroit Hotspots

BRIAN ABEL My Downtown Detroit Hotspots

AMY HENNES My Downtown Detroit Hotspots

KIM DEGIULIO My Downtown Hotspots

LILA ASANTE-APPIAH My Downtown Hotspots

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