Digital Information Kiosks

The DDP team, along with its vendor IKE Smart City is traveling to each City Council District to share how the interactive kiosks work and how they will bring not only momentum to city neighborhoods but provide a much-needed system to connect the community to important information. Kiosk functions include real-time transit feeds, a local business directory, an emergency calling system, available job postings, opinion polls, and games.

Main Goals for the Digital Information Kiosks

  • Increase pedestrian wayfinding for people unfamiliar with the area and give people a sense of place and place literacy.
  • Encourage and promote a “park-once” trip to Downtown Detroit by communicating distances between Detroit neighborhoods and destinations
  • Enhance the streetscape in Downtown Detroit with well-designed and informative signage
  • Promote and enhance access to Detroit businesses and public spaces
Map of kiosk locations citywide
Map of kiosk locations in Downtown Detroit

Ensure Your Business is Included

These kiosks are a great way to connect our city as a whole and support small businesses like yours. We’d like to remind you of two ways you can benefit.
  1. Make sure you’re listed. Create or update your Google My Business profile. [Setup Tutorial] The kiosks pull businesses from Google, so if your Google My Business is set up, you are all set! 
  2. Advertise your company, service or event. This is a unique way to find new customers at an attractive price. If you are interested in advertising on the digital kiosks around town, please send me an email at [email protected]

Experience Downtown
Detroit Parks

Each season, the Downtown Detroit Parks come alive with a number of unique features — including beautiful landscaping, flowing fountains, historical monuments, flourishing gardens, winter activations, comfortable seating, innovative dining options, and activities that appeal to every age and background.