DDP Centennial

100 Years of service to the city of Detroit.

In 1922, 13 progressive business leaders came together at the J.L. Hudson Co. offices to establish the Business Property Association – the precursor to what is now the Downtown Detroit Partnership. The meeting was held to investigate taxes levied on Downtown business properties, protest the 1922 increased assessed valuations, and encourage a subway be built leading many miles out for future expansion.

The Business Property Association was the first of its kind in the country and has been one of the city’s strongest advocates ever since. The organization has gone through several iterations. In 1954, it was rebranded as the Central Business District Association; in 1988, Detroit Downtown, Inc. (DDI); and in 2005, the Detroit Downtown Partnership.

Centennial Celebration Garden Party

With the decades came different priorities and areas of focus but one constant has remained: support the Downtown business community and make the city a viable, livable, sustainable and thriving metropolis. Come back to this page for exciting Centennial Celebration updates. Buy tickets today and celebrate with us!


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