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The I-375 Reconnecting Communities Project, led by the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT), aims to transform the I-375 depressed highway into a street-level boulevard. MDOT’s current schedule has construction slated to break ground in 2025.

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DDP's Involvement

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DDP serves as one of the key advocates for the Downtown community’s interests in the I-375 project. Funded by a grant from the Kresge Foundation, DDP is engaged as a balanced voice, contributing our resources to maximize the potential of the I-375 Reconnecting Communities project. Demonstrating our commitment to economic growth and social good, DDP has collaborated with community, business, philanthropic, and governmental partners, showcasing how public spaces can serve as catalysts for positive change when approached with careful planning and execution. Actively engaging in the I-375 Reconnecting Communities project, we aim to influence the design and provide peer review to ensure the project achieves its goals of reconnection and community engagement. Collaborating closely with MDOT and the City of Detroit, DDP leverages its expertise and resources to ensure the project aligns with the city’s vision for economic growth, inclusivity, and revitalization.

DDP’s Commitment

DDP is led by our guiding principles throughout every stage of the I-375 project. With a focus on encouraging and inspiring the future of mobility through restorative and progressive highway removal, catalyzing the market by planning for diverse needs to fuel neighborhood and citywide growth and honoring Detroit's legacy through recognizing past harms and minimizing future harms, we actively engage in the planning process to influence the project's design and implementation. Our goal is to create a livable and walkable core while making sustainable investments that foster economic growth and social good. Through inclusive participation, we encourage that the project reflects the needs and aspirations of the community.

Partners, Community Members, Supporters

DDP's efforts are bolstered by the support of various partners, stakeholders, and community members who share a common goal of creating a more vibrant and interconnected Detroit. Engagement efforts are essential through every stage of the process and DDP is committed to continuing to engage partners, stakeholders and the community.
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For More Information:

More about the project is available on MDOT’s project website: MDOT I-375 Reconnecting Communities Project and the City of Detroit’s project webpage.

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