The DDP/BIZ Safety Program aims to facilitate a Downtown Detroit that is safe and welcoming to everyone in collaboration with Downtown public and private safety professionals, social service network, property owners, businesses and other stakeholders.

We work to implement a comprehensive safety strategy that builds upon the strong professional relationships between public and private safety and security partners established through Project Lighthouse.

Project Lighthouse TM

Project LighthouseTM, nationally recognized by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, is an innovative safety program that connects Downtown patrons to a network of safety partners ready and able to assist 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The 18 Project Lighthouse locations throughout the Downtown are identified using banners and window clings with the Project Lighthouse logo and can also be found on the digital information kiosks throughout the city.

Right now, we are working to add new businesses as participating Project LighthouseTM partners. As a Lighthouse location, your business acts as a safety ambassador by providing shelter from inclement weather, a safe meeting place for friends and family, a place to request police assistance, get directions, use the restroom or request help for your vehicle. In short, Project LighthouseTM aims to create a safe, connected and protected community for the entire Downtown Detroit neighborhood.

As a participating Lighthouse location, safety experts will provide the proper training to you and your employees and introduce you to the Neighborhood Police Officers who will be additional points of contact for ongoing support.


Safety Ambassadors

The Downtown Detroit Safety Ambassadors are part of Project LighthouseTM and are equipped with radios that allow the team to quickly call on the Downtown safety community, including the Detroit Police Department, for emergency and non-emergency assistance. Funding support provided by Hudson-Webber Foundation.


The DDP/BIZ convenes a group of 65 law enforcement and private business sector agencies, including the Detroit Police Department to share timely, and pertinent information related to crime patterns in Downtown Detroit to assist operational and administrative personnel with planning and deployment resources. The goal is to prevent and suppress criminal activities.

CompStat (Computerized Statistics) is a management process within a data-driven framework that synthesizes crime analysis and disorder data, strategic problem solving, and a clear accountability structure. Ideally, CompStat facilitates accurate and timely analysis of crime and data, which is used to identify crime patterns and problem areas.

Outreach Ambassadors

The BIZ launched a Safety Outreach Ambassador project in 2022 to help ensure a safe and welcoming environment for all Downtown patrons. Eight additional Ambassadors and an Outreach Specialist, a licensed social worker, were hired at the start of the project. The Safety Outreach Team has already connected with more than 300 Downtown patrons and has provided important information on available social services offered by Detroit’s network of providers.

Downtown Detroit Safety - Testimonials

Erin Goodman

SODO Business Improvement Area (Seattle, WA)

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Another huge Thank You to Gina Cavaliere and the Downtown Detroit Partnership for your gracious hospitality, and for all you do to make Downtown shine.

But what struck me the most about Detroit was the overall attitude of cooperation. When asked how they achieved the revitalization- every single person, no matter which sector or level responded- "We worked together."

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Safety in Downtown Detroit


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Safety Stories

Downtown Safety

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Downtown Safety

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Downtown Safety

Downtown Safety a Priority

The DDP continues to work with our public safety partners to implement strategic safety efforts throughout the Downtown. We are committed to building upon a clean, safe and welcoming community for all . . .

Downtown Safety

Project LighthouseTM

Learn about Project LighthouseTM, a program run through The Downtown Detroit BIZ and DDP to create a safe Downtown for everyone. Project LighthouseTM is a consortium of public- and private-sector partners . . .

Downtown Stories

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Programs & Safety Initiatives

The DDP/BIZ Safety strategy encompasses these core elements:
  • Facilitate communication and collaboration amongst public and private safety professionals and with Downtown stakeholders
  • Leverage technology related to crime deterrence and enforcement
  • Support education of BIZ team members, vendors and stakeholders
  • Curate and disseminate data related to safety and the perception of safety
  • Incorporate design and programming elements into Downtown public spaces that promote health and safety
  • Inform the goals of the Downtown community and the standardization of protocols
  • Advise policy drawing from best practices and lessons learned
  • "See Something, Say Something" is a fundamental belief and expectation of all employees and vendors