Datascape Trends


Downtown Density 1925-2020

DDP Centennial: 100 years of Population Data The Downtown Detroit Partnership (DDP) is marking its 100-year anniversary this year. In 1922, the first version of the DDP was created as . . .

Datascape Trends

What Has Changed Since 2019, What to Expect Moving Forward

By Joshua Long, Data Program Director Observational bias is the phenomenon where the apparent observed values are different from what the actual true values are. It comes about because individuals . . .

Datascape Trends

Deeper Dive: Counting Downtown Residents

By Joshua Long, Data Program Director In the last BIZ Insider, we looked at the Downtown population on a large scale and in today’s issue, we take a deeper analysis on how . . .

Datascape Trends

Downtown Detroit Residential Population Breakdown

By Joshua Long, Data Program Director Last quarter we looked at the overall number of visitors to Downtown and the impact the pandemic has had on visitation. In 2019, Downtown had somewhere . . .

Datascape Trends

The COVID-19 Effect on Downtown Visitation

By Joshua Long, Data Program Director One of the most common requests for information over the past year is a measure of the demand for Downtown services, retail, hospitality, etc., throughout . . .

Datascape Trends

Even More Workforce Data

By Joshua Long, Data Program Director To look at workforce trends data over time, one need not look any further than to the Datascape. This data originates from the U.S. Census Bureau’s The Longitudinal Employer-Household Dynamics (LEHD) program and . . .