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My perfect day in Detroit definitely takes place on a Saturday. It starts at Eastern Market to visit one of the greatest outdoor markets in our country. It’s open year round where you can pick up anything that’s in season. I usually grab my groceries for the week while grabbing a croissant or coffee from a local vendor. 

When I’m done with all of my shopping, I’ll head over to my favorite brewery in Detroit, Eastern Market brewing co. They have a wide variety of beers which are always changing. My favorite beer is the Elephant Juice. 

After that, I recommend heading downtown to the Detroit Riverfront. It’s my favorite part of the city. You can go there for a walk, a bike ride, a dog walk, a jog or even a roller blade ride. Nothing makes me happier than seeing all of the people who live here and the people visiting Detroit, taking in the spectacular views of our skyline, the Detroit River and Windsor, Ontario. 

For dinner, I’ll start with saying that the restaurant options in Detroit are top notch. It’s hard to keep up with all of the amazing restaurants that keep opening but here are a few of my faves:

Favorite Detroit Style Pizza – Michigan & Trumbull

Favorite Menu – Grey Ghost (also best burger)

Favorite Deli – Mudgies 

Favorite breakfast – James Oliver 

More must go places include: 

Favorite views of Detroit – Monarch Club 

Favorite wine bar – the Royce 

Favorite local shop – George Gregory & City Bird

Favorite workout – Citizen Yoga

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