Downtown Detroit Hotspots – Amy Hennes

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Amy Hennes – Writer/Editor/Freelancer

ARCHITECTURE: Visitors (and nonvisitors) must see the inside of the Guardian Building. Incredible. 

EAT (EARLY): Canelle’s Detroit. Gorgeous lattes and pastries (almost) too pretty to eat. 

EAT: (LUNCH): Dime Store located inside the Chrysler House, formerly known as the Dime Building.

EAT: (HAPPY HOUR): Off Downtown: Happy Hour at Mink in Corktown for oysters and fish tins (yes, sardines, anchovies and more!) 

EAT (LATE): Lafayette OR American Coney Islands. I’m not picking a favorite.

CULTURE: Sit in front of the Diego Rivera mural in the Detroit Institute of Arts

DRINK: Candy Bar Detroit in the very cool Siren Hotel. If you weren’t a fan of the color pink, you will be. 

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