The I-75 Cap is a locally led, and U.S. Department of Transportation supported, initiative to reconnect communities cut off from economic and social opportunities by prior transportation infrastructure decisions. The DDP is co-leading this planning initiative with the City of Detroit and Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT). 

What is a Highway Cap?

Highway caps are structures built over highways with the intention of reconnecting communities harmed by this infrastructure. A range of benefits can result from these projects, including enhanced mobility, environmental benefits, and added public space serving as an anchor for current and future development.

I-75 is an Interstate Highway that runs north-south from Florida to the Upper Peninsula. Construction of the Downtown Detroit segment of I-75 started in the late 1950s, and the freeway replaced active urban uses with a barrier between Downtown and neighborhoods to the north. That barrier persists to this day. Building highway caps can help enhance local connectivity and quality of life while maintaining the regional and national transportation network.

Upcoming Public Meetings

There will be a series of public meetings where we will gather public feedback on I-75 cap goals and vision.

Community Visioning Session #2
Stay tuned! Details for the upcoming August Meeting are coming soon.

Area Under Study

During the planning phase, DDP will explore cap options within the Study Area, which extends from 3rd Avenue on the west to Brush Street on the east. Throughout initial phases of engagement, the team will collect feedback on potential overbuild options and design elements for each segment.

This planning phase will also consider a larger Benefit and Impact Area in which potential positive and negative effects from the overbuild options will be assessed.


DDP’s current planning effort includes public input over three phases as shown below. The alternative analysis of the cap options is intended to help secure future funding for design and construction.

Phase 1: Assessing community goals and needs (May-June)
Phase 2: Cap Options (July-August)
Phase 3: Preferred Alternative (September-October)

Future phases include securing funding, design and environmental studies (2025), completing design and initiating construction (2025/26), and completing construction with added amenities (2027/28).

DDP's Involvement

The DDP was awarded a $2 million grant from the federal Reconnecting Communities program to explore freeway capping options within the I-75 right-of-way owned by the MDOT. DDP is co-leading this planning initiative with the City of Detroit and MDOT.

Future Engagement Opportunities

Public and stakeholder engagement aims to foster inclusivity and transparency toward gathering information, educating stakeholders about the I-75 Cap, and providing an opportunity for public input.

There will be additional opportunities for public engagement throughout this process. Our second and third public meetings will dive deeper into the alternative analysis for each of these sections, collecting input and feedback along the way.

For additional information and feedback, please send an email to: [email protected]. Thank you for your thoughts, support, and partnership.