MEDC names Downtown Detroit Partnership (DDP) among its Revitalization and Placemaking Program Recipients

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MEDC names Downtown Detroit Partnership (DDP) among its  Revitalization and Placemaking Program Recipients  

DDP in collaboration with Downtown Detroit Stakeholders to receive more than $13M  for development and public space enhancements 

DETROIT—September 7, 2022 — In an effort to improve Downtown Detroit’s recovery from  the pandemic, the MEDC named Downtown Detroit Partnership (DDP) among 22 statewide  community development projects around Michigan to receive funds from its Revitalization and  Placemaking (RAP) Program. The organization was awarded $13,740,000. 

The DDP, in collaboration with Bedrock, Greektown Neighborhood Partnership and Paradise  Valley Conservancy, along with Karp and Associates — a group known as Downtown Detroit  Stakeholders, will expand upon Downtown’s public spaces and mixed-use developments that  will attract residents and visitors to the City’s core. 

“The DDP shares this award with the entire City of Detroit, as we continue to create public  spaces that are safe, welcoming and inclusive for all,” said Eric B. Larson, DDP’s CEO. “We  look forward to working with our partners and the community to help bring this mission  forward.”  

Currently, with the daily office population remaining at 40-percent of its pre-COVID level, the  stakeholder group applied for funding for several interrelated projects to help continue to  transition Downtown from an office-dominated business district to a more diverse, mixed-use  district with extended public spaces and additional living options. 

“Thriving communities and talent attraction are vital to our overall economic development  strategy; communities across Michigan responded with innovative proposals to create holistic,  people-first economic development here in Michigan and we had to make very difficult  choices,” said Quentin L. Messer, Jr., CEO of MEDC and President and Chair of the MSF  Board. “We’re pleased to support our partners at the Downtown Detroit Partnership on their  revitalization efforts, and we remain committed to ensuring that all Michiganders feel the  impact of MEDC’s efforts to grow Michigan’s economy. We appreciate the support of the 

Governor and our partners in the legislature to use these federal funds to fund these critical  programs and the work is just beginning.” 

The MEDC’s RAP funding utilizes $100 million in federal American Rescue Plan dollars to support  investments in projects that promote population and tax revenue growth to proactively address  negative economic impacts of COVID-19 in traditional downtowns, social zones and public  spaces. Today’s announcement includes the allocation of $83.8 million in funds; the remaining  awards will be announced at a later date. The program provides gap-funding for public space  improvements, place-based infrastructure and real estate rehabilitation and development. 

“Great cities have great public spaces and increasingly Detroit is becoming known for its  beautiful riverwalk, parks and civic gathering places,” said Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan. “This  funding the Downtown Detroit Partnership has secured will help to improve and link many of  our city’s central public areas to create a more walkable district for Detroiters and visitors to  enjoy.” 

Helping to retain residents and visitors to the City’s center, the awarded projects strategically  transition Downtown Detroit beyond a place dominated by “work” to a destination that boosts the “live” and “play” dimensions of the economy. 

The projects were designed to stimulate both social and economic impact by creating safe,  welcoming environments for people to convene, increase new demand for small businesses, activate new businesses to replace shuttered ones, and generate new tax revenue for the City. 

“A safe, diverse, and active Downtown has become even more important in this new hybrid  work environment. Visitors to Downtown expect dynamic, entertaining and active spaces and  places to foster repeat visits and workers see Downtown as an extension of their workplace to  collaborate and cooperate with their colleagues,” said Kofi Bonner, Bedrock CEO. “I want to  thank my partners in the Downtown Detroit Stakeholders for their alliance as we collectively  seek to rebuild and reenergize an historic area of downtown Detroit.” 

All eight projects are geographically concentrated along the Woodward Avenue and Randolph  Street corridors that will connect the Central Business District, Greektown, Paradise Valley, and  the Stadium District into a vibrant play zone for maximum impact. 

“The development of a public spaces will connect this area of downtown and support new  residential engagement as the landscape evolves,” said Melanie Markowicz, Executive Director  of Greektown Neighborhood Partnership

The DDP will expand three of its existing public spaces – Campus Martius Park, Grand Circus  Park and Capitol Park

The Downtown Detroit Stakeholders Projects:  

• Placemaking enhancements to Cadillac Square, intended to extend the activity and flow  of Campus Martius through the plaza to Randolph Street.  

• A transformation of Randolph Plaza at the gateway into Greektown to create a  permanent, high-quality outdoor gathering space for current and future restaurants and  businesses in the corridor.  

• Two foundational placemaking investments in Paradise Valley that will transform the  central park and remake the entryway into the district, with the goal of creating a world class public space to support the development of a thriving, African American-led  residential and entertainment district around the central plaza.  

• Placemaking enhancements in Grand Circus Park, to provide for continuous, high quality  public spaces along this entire spine—while also enhancing the centerpiece of the historic  Grand Circus Park district.  

• Social District infrastructure in Capitol Park, to enhance Capitol Park as a visitor  destination and attraction with positive spill-over effects for the surrounding areas. 

• The redevelopment of the vacant Harvard Square Center building on Broadway in the  Paradise Valley district, which due to its size and position is critical to the successful  revitalization of the entire focus area. 

• Karp and Associates will rehabilitate a vacant 7-story building on Griswold Street into a  mixed-used development, which will be located adjacent to Capitol Park.  

About the Downtown Detroit Partnership  

The Downtown Detroit Partnership (DDP) strengthens and supports Downtown Detroit through  strategic initiatives and programs. DDP convenes business, philanthropic and government  partners to create a vibrant and resilient urban core for Detroit and the surrounding  community. DDP is responsible for programming, managing and operating several of  Downtown Detroit’s parks and public spaces. For more information, visit

About Bedrock  

Bedrock is a full-service real estate firm specializing in innovative city-building strategies,  reaching far beyond the boundaries of bricks and mortar. Since its founding in 2011, Bedrock  and its affiliates have invested and committed more than $5.6 billion to acquiring and  developing more than 100 properties in Detroit and Cleveland, including landmark  developments at the Hudson’s Site, the Book Tower restoration, City Modern and the May 

Company Building. Bedrock’s portfolio totals more than 22 million square feet of office, retail  and residential space within new construction and adaptive reuse projects. For more  information on Bedrock’s projects, visit or engage with us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. Click here to view a complete timeline of  Bedrock and the Rock Family of Companies’ engagement within the Detroit community.   

About Greektown Neighborhood Partnership  

Greektown Neighborhood Partnership is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the long-term  economic and cultural vibrancy of Greektown Detroit. Through partnerships, we advance the  equitable development of the district through community and economic development  programs, all while celebrating our cultural roots. For more information, please visit

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