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Kitty Whitfield

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Kitty Whitfield – Small Business Engagement Manager, Downtown Detroit Partnership 

Doing Downtown with Kitty

Thanks for taking the time to spend the day with me at the BEST time of the year! Let’s get started… 

A full day for me starts with breakfast and today (and lots of other days), I am headed to the Hudson Café (1241Woodward). They have a menu so diverse it will meet the expectation of every  

dietary preference. 

Big Date coming up and I’m running low on pantyhose…off to Threads and Legs  (660 Woodward) sizes 

petite to plus and what a variety! These legs are ready! 

Present needed for the furry family member…I will hit City Bark and leave after a “barktastic” good time. 

My new friend he loves Spanish wines. House of Pure Vin always has a variety for me to choose from. 

HEAVENS…My pearls broke! Off to Simmons and Clark Jewelers (1535 Broadway) to have them repaired and buy from their great selection of University of Michigan watches. GO BLUE!!!! 

Time for a snack! I will TRY to buy only one pastry from Avalon International Breads  (1049 Woodward) I have miles to go! 

Shopping can be so stressful…think I will pop in the Woodhouse Day Spa (1447 Woodward) to let them work the kinks out….ahhhh! 

Now it’s time for a cool place, cool people and a cool drink and I find myself at Besa (600 WOODWARD). 

I will finish my day and the last of my Christmas shopping at the Cadillac Lodge…I shopped until they closed…what fun!  By the way, all businesses mentioned here are Spirit Card members.



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