Downtown Hot Spots – Rhonda Welsh

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Rhonda Welsh, Executive Director for Detroit Outreach, Central Michigan University

OUTDOORS: The beach at Campus Martius is the absolute best! There’s nothing like sipping on something tasty while sitting on the sand and letting the Reggae music wash over me.

SHOPPING: I am a huge fan of The Lip Bar. The 4-in-1 minute finish powder face palette is my jam and the bright pink (typically sold out) lip shade, Rich Aunty, helps me manifest my wealthy future.

COFFEE: The Capital One Café Oat Milk Latte is perfect. The café’s meeting spaces are spacious and the Peet’s Coffee they use is super smooth. It’s like a not-so-secret secret.

EAT (LUNCH): My go-to vegan spot is Aratham. My greedy inner child must have one of their desserts at least once a week. The Bertie at 7 Greens is a bowl of perfection. That curried tuna salad is next level.

OUTDOORS: I am a Native Detroiter. I am obligated to have spontaneous hankerings that cause me to drive around Belle Isle and around Belle Isle and around Belle Isle just because.

EAT AND BOOGIE: The Disco Brunch with Bruce Bailey at Central Kitchen is the best place to enjoy Chickens and Waffles, a pitcher of Mimosas and a carefully curated selection of the best that Disco Music has to offer.

RECREATION: Nothing beats The Spirit of Detroit Plaza as a daytime hangout. Food trucks, DJs, Yoga, spontaneous afternoon Hustles… It’s like an outdoor rec center that is adult friendly.

ENTERTAINMENT: Motor City Wine will forever and always be my favorite spot to see friends and enjoy good music. It’s always chill. I can have on a ball gown and a tiara or shorts and flip flops – no one cares. The vibe is unmatched.

PUBLIC SPACES: Parker’s Alley makes me happy. I love showing it off when I tour people around the city. It’s just so vibey and urbane. I feel ultra-cosmopolitan when I am sitting there sipping or chewing on something.

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