Park and Street Landscaping

We service over 20 locations including 6 downtown parks which equates to 22 acres of public spaces throughout Downtown.

In our parks and public spaces, you can see the unity and balance of the landscape by way of new flowers, trees, grass, and hedges. Maintaining gardens and lawns by mowing, trimming, pruning, and weeding.

Landscaping also seasonally installs our vibrant Holiday Lighting.

About Park and Street Landscaping

The BIZ supports a healthy and green Downtown through beautiful trees, plants and flowers that help create a welcoming environment. The BIZ contributes to six downtown parks maintained by the DDP, medians in key corridors, sidewalk planters and highway entrances. 

Contact & Connect

We welcome and encourage your feedback and questions. Let us know if you have a comment, suggestion, or concern. We’re here to help!