Bridging Histories, Building Futures

In 2019, the City of Detroit, in collaboration with Ford Motor Company and PlanetM, conducted the City: One Michigan Central Station Challenge with the goal of improving mobility for people living in, working in, and visiting the community surrounding Michigan Central Station. We are pleased to announce that this project is complete as of October 2021.

Through the efforts of our team (two local artists: Freddy Diaz and Donald Calloway, Downtown Detroit Partnership, DTE) were awarded funding to pilot our idea that aims to beautify and improve the experience of using the bridge on Michigan Ave that connects Corktown to Downtown over the Lodge. The goal with this large-scale art intervention was to create beauty, visual interest, and safety, making the trip across the overpass more pleasant.

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Each season, the Downtown Detroit Parks come alive with a number of unique features — including beautiful landscaping, flowing fountains, historical monuments, flourishing gardens, winter activations, comfortable seating, innovative dining options, and activities that appeal to every age and background.