Welcome to Detroit: City of Grit

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Anyone with a stake in Detroit has just one thing to say to our Detroit Lions: “Thank you.”

Thank you for giving us hope and bringing us together as only a winning team can. Thank you for the explosion of economic activity in Downtown Detroit. Thank you for bringing national and international attention to our city and region. I could go on. 

The success of the Detroit Lions has been nothing less than remarkable and delivered a positive impact that will last well beyond the 23-24 season. We lit up the city in Honolulu Blue for the world to see. The team lit up the faces of fans, young and old. 

But if you think the party is over, I say it’s just beginning. 

What Other Cities Dream Of

Let’s remember Detroit is the only Downtown in the country home to four professional sports teams that play in three world-class venues within a block of each other. Add to that the owners’ commitment and legacy to our city, making us the envy of every major U.S. downtown. The Lions’ success reminded us we have the greatest fans, and there’s a reason we have been named the “Best City for Sports.” Our sports bring us together, but our city is the foundation for results that translate beyond the fields and court.

Economic and Residual Impact 

Visit Detroit estimates that each home game brought more than $20 million of economic activity into the Downtown. This is a massive boon to our restaurants and retailers. It also means thousands experienced the city in a way they may never have before. They visited our parks and public spaces; they tried new places to eat and drink. They will remember and return. National leagues, conventions, and vacationers will take notice and Detroit is now top of mind. 

Location, Location, Location

In just over ten weeks, the 2024 NFL Draft will take place in Campus Martius Park and Hart Plaza. Last year’s draft in Kansas City generated more than $160 million in economic impact and attracted 300,000 people. Host city Nashville holds the record, with 600,000 attendees and more than $220 million. We have every reason to believe we can exceed those numbers. Not only will local and national fans still feel the love for “America’s Team,” but there are six NFL teams within a four-hour drive of Detroit. No other host city has been able to come close. 

The team’s accomplishments have never been more a part of the fabric of our city. Thank you again to the Detroit Lions, DDP Board Member and team president Rod Wood, the Ford Family, and the entire “One Pride” nation. We’ve only just begun. 

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