DDP CEO Note – July 27th

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You may have noticed that I close each CEO Update with “See you in the parks.” This statement has a deeper purpose and meaning than simply a closing salutation.

The Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC) is currently reviewing applications to consider how best to spend federal dollars received as part of the American Rescue Plan Act. The MEDC plans to give the City of Detroit a portion of the $100 million assigned to the State of Michigan. A coalition of public- and private-sector partners, including the Downtown Detroit Partnership, is advocating for a portion of the federal funds to be allotted to what we believe will be the next critical phase of Downtown Detroit’s progress as a dynamic, evolving and accessible American city.

This next phase recognizes that COVID-19 created a shift in focus from “office-based work” to “working,” “living” and “playing” with flexibility. A shift that emphasizes how to view our public spaces as workspaces, playgrounds, dining rooms, theaters and centers for community.

This coalition has come together with a unity of purpose and strategy that is consistent with our collective organizations’ history. Intrigued? Read more.

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