Calexico, Freshii, Lunchtime Global, What’s Next For Randy Dickow?

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By Kitty Whitfield, Small Business Engagement Manager

Randy Dickow, owner of three Downtown eateries and son of a successful Detroit businessman, grew up familiar with the city.  He knew where he wanted to invest 12 years ago when he opened his first restaurant, and he knows now. “I believe in the city of Detroit and where it is going, ” says Randy.

Randy Dickow, Calexico Detroit

Randy’s first Downtown business, Lunchtime Global, opened 12 years ago and at the time his family and friends thought he was making an outlandish decision. Today, Randy is the proud owner three eateries in Detroit, including Calexico, Freshii and a newly opened Starbucks in the Marquette Building. While his family thought he was making the wrong move, others would say he was a visionary. He says he was always fascinated by Downtown Detroit, and that fascination has grown into a commitment to being part of the city’s growth.

Business was going well for Randy, and then the pandemic hit. “In business, there is always going to be certain challenges,” Randy says, and he faced the challenges quickly. He is especially proud that he was able to retain most of his staff. Like many small business owners, it is not unusual to see Randy working the register or taking orders in any one of his restaurants. He credits the commitment and dedication of his staff to his own commitment to promote internally. Most of his managers started in entry-level positions, and this consistency has fostered the work environment that Randy strives for. It is a culture where everybody is welcome in every establishment.”

When asked why each of his businesses has a very distinct concept, Randy says,  “I chose what I thought Detroiters wanted.” It appears he was right.

At only 41 years old, Randy says despite the difficulties the last two years presented, he is excited about the new business, Starbuck’s, that recently opened and about those that are still “in the works.” When we tried to get him to spill the beans about what’s to come, “I am sworn to secrecy,” he replied with a smile.

We can’t wait!

Calexico Detroit is located at 1040 Woodward Avenue | 313-262-6361 | Facebook | Instagram

Lunchtime Global is located at 660 Woodward Avenue #110 | 313-963-4871 | Facebook | Twitter

Freshii is located at 105-1001 Woodward Avenue | 313-237-0700 | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

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