Welcoming to all, the first-ever winner of the Urban Land Institute Amanda Burden Urban Open Space Award, Campus Martius Park has delivered on its promise to be Detroit’s Gathering Place for its immediate neighborhood and the entire city. “What makes Campus Martius Park work so well is that, quite simply, it’s a place where people want to spend time.” – Amanda Burden

Occupying 2.5 acres of Downtown Detroit’s center and spacious enough to host more than 3,000 visitors, the park is adorned with a number of choice features: beautiful landscaping, the spectacular Woodward Fountain, flowing water walls, historical monuments, flourishing gardens, comfortable seating and a vibrant bistro. During the winter season, CMP is home to two of the city’s most cherished attractions, a state-of-the-art ice rink and Detroit’s 60-foot annual Christmas tree that sits atop the Woodward Fountain

Campus Martius is proud to deliver premium events and signature attractions for the city year-round. Through our largest event seasons, Summer in the Parks and Winter Magic, CMP brings internationally-known performers, innovative artistry, cultural celebrations, healthy initiatives, diverse food offerings and family fun to our city, each and every day of the year. CMP partners with a number of the city’s most highly anticipated and attended events, such as The Winter Blast and The Detroit Jazz Festival, and it welcomes the opportunity to host smaller scale events, such as weddings and corporate parties.