Return to Work Downtown Survey 

The Downtown Detroit Partnership (DDP) Board of Directors represents workers from all the top 10 largest Downtown Detroit employers. The DDP is surveying its board members to help take the pulse and project what in-person work will look like in Downtown Detroit once the pandemic is mitigated, and employees return to their physical offices. 

The goal is to project the demand for amenities, goods and services generated by the workforce for the benefit of all Downtown businesses (restaurant, retail, hospitality, etc.)  The survey data and analysis can provide crucial information for businesses, including but not limited to appropriate staffing levels, hours of operation and inventory acquisition 

The survey is not intended to provide a highly precise estimate of future daily workers Downtown. However, the top 10 largest businesses employ about 60 to 70% of all the workers Downtown. By better understanding the Return to Work Downtown plans of these businesseswe should be able to provide valuable data.  

Stay tuned, results for this survey are expected soon.

Even More Workforce Data 

To look at workforce trends data over time, one need not look any further than to the Datascape. This data originates from the U.S. Census Bureau’s The Longitudinal Employer-Household Dynamics (LEHD) program and its LEHD Origin-Destination Employment Statistics data (LODES). 

LEHD uses data from unemployment insurance filings for all 50 states, which each state shares with the federal government and LEHD. The data is made anonymous and then compiled to show how many workers there are per census block, where those workers live, as well as limited demographic information and broad salary ranges.  

The data set is released annually, using data that is approximately two years old. The Downtown Detroit Datascape breaks down those data in the Metrics on Downtown Detroit (MoDD) tool, which can be found on the DDP website. Within MoDD, you can find numbers of Downtown workers, where Downtown workers are commuting from, and where there are residential concentrations of Metro area workers.  

Explore the MoDD/Downtown Datascape