Easy to find in their bright green shirts and jackets, the Downtown Ambassadors are very recognizable as they clean public spaces and serve as an information resource. The Ambassadors maintain 39 miles of sidewalks and cover the equivalent of 15 football fields for landscaping and preservation of parks and green spaces.

Stationed throughout Downtown Detroit, the Ambassadors have been trained to enhance the Downtown experience. They serve as concierges, providing assistance with directions, restaurant recommendations and tourist attractions, or even a jump for a stalled vehicle. The Ambassadors are also connected to the Downtown security network, providing extra eyes and ears, and calling in experts when needed, such as private security partners or the Detroit Police Department.

While the Ambassadors provide valuable services to the community, individuals residing throughout the City benefit from this employment opportunity. A workforce development initiative at its heart, about 85% of Downtown Ambassadors are Detroit residents, many having experienced barriers to employment. The Ambassadors collectively work well over 100,000 hours, assisting thousands of Downtown visitors and removing hundreds of tons of trash.

For more information or to report a concern, please call the Ambassador Hotline at 313.963.2225.