Services and Programs

Services and Programs

The BIZ delivers services of hospitality, cleaning, supplemental lighting, safety efforts, parks maintenance, data support and outreach to benefit Downtown. Through a special assessment, the financial contributions of Downtown property owners enable the BIZ to serve the Downtown community in these important ways.

- Community and Business Engagement
- Data
- Downtown Ambassadors
- Downtown Supplemental Lighting
- Infrastructure and Planning
- Park and Street Landscaping
- Safety

Community and Business Engagement

As part of the continued effort to provide information and engage Downtown businesses regularly, the BIZ provides access to resources, events and information through the Downtown BIZ Connect network.

Three women shake hands insight downtown Detroit's holiday beer garden
A man speaks to a group of people inside a store with clothing and seating


The BIZ data program provides data and metrics to track the progress of downtown and provide information to internal staff and partners to gain better insights and plan appropriate strategies for improvement. It collects primary and compiles secondary data on such topics as housing, commercial property, land use, value, demographics, demand and more.

See the data for downtown Detroit here.

Downtown Ambassadors

The Downtown Detroit Ambassador, established in 2006, has transformed the appearance of Downtown Detroit. The Ambassadors are the proactive and friendly individuals who clean public areas and serve as information resources for Downtown’s businesses, residents and visitors.


Downtown Detroit Ambassador Impact


Downtown Supplemental Lighting

Every winter, with support from Detroit’s Downtown Development Authority and the Public Lighting Authority, the BIZ illuminates Downtown with seasonal lighting on light poles and trees. These lighting elements enhance the physical characteristics of the Downtown parks and streets by brightening the streetscape. Specifically, we focus on pedestrian, cyclist and vehicular gateways in Downtown Detroit to make dark winter traveling brighter and safer.

Downtown Detroit light fixture with Ren Cen in the background
Holiday light installation showing a present made of Christmas lights, surrounded by trees and people

Infrastructure and Planning

Working collaboratively with the City of Detroit and other governmental partners, the BIZ coordinates plans for important infrastructure and special projects downtown. These projects aim to improve Downtown in areas such as non-motorized transit, parking, public spaces, community outreach, environmental stewardship and more.

Skyline of downtown Detroit
Adults and children sit and play at the beach in Campus Martius on a sunny day

Park and Street Landscaping

The BIZ supports a healthy and green Downtown through beautiful trees, plants and flowers that help create a welcoming environment. The BIZ contributes to four downtown parks maintained by the DDP, medians in key corridors, sidewalk planters and highway entrances.


Offering security services for the core Downtown, the BIZ works collaboratively with community partners to provide resources and implementation to ensure a safe and secure environment. The BIZ safety efforts also serves as an extension of Project Lighthouse, the Downtown Central Business District neighborhood watch.

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