BIZ Ambassador Highlights

What We Do Helps The Community: Larry Patman

November 16, 2021

By Anjana Schroeder, Senior Manager, Marketing Communications Larry has been working for the BIZ for a decade. He has had five different jobs in those ten years and is now the Operations Supervisor. It brings him much joy to know that he is helping move Detroit forward and making the city better for the entire community. Larry was born and raised in Detroit and his favorite spot in Detroit is the Fox…

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I just kept praying and didn’t stop. – Calvin Hasberry

July 22, 2021

By Anjana Schroeder, Senior Manager, Marketing Communications Why did you become an Ambassador? I became an Ambassador two years ago because I like serving people. I like doing things for people. I like improving things for people learning new things and helping others with the things that I have learned. On my journey since becoming an Ambassador, I’ve met some wonderful people. I started on the afternoon shift at Cullen Park, and…

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It’s Rooted In Me To Be Kind And Helpful – Richard Miller

April 23, 2021

I grew up in an environment with a lot of good hostesses and a lot of important people came over to our house. I was taught to cater to people, to be pleasant, and treat people with the utmost of hospitality. So, it’s rooted in me to be kind and helpful.

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They Call Me The General: Jimmie Howard

February 22, 2021

This is the perfect job for me. My picture is on the van. I feel like I have a duty. I used to keep to myself. I didn’t speak a lot. Now I’m a chatterbox. Now I engage and I see the same in other Ambassadors. We are Downtown’s troubleshooters. My actions represent me as an Ambassador. They call me “the General.”

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Featured Ambassador: Dominique Williams

November 27, 2020

“Dominique cares about the people in Downtown above and beyond his prescribed duties. He makes it his mission to know everyone who is a part of Downtown Detroit and that they know they are a part of a community that cares about them.

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