We’ve got 150 restaurants and counting that are downtown for your dining pleasure. Search for your perfect place — whether it is a fancy eatery, bistro, café, pub, dive bar or joint — directly below.

NameCategoryStreet AddressPhoneMap
1515 Broadway CaféFood & Bars1515 Broadway St. (313) 965-1515Map
1701 Cigar BarFood & Bars140 Cadillac Square (313) 223-2626Map
24GrilleFood & Bars204 Michigan Ave. (313) 964-3821Map
Al's Paradise CaféFood & Bars218 East Grand River Ave. (313) 962-4498Map
American Coney IslandFood & Bars114 W. Lafayette Blvd. (313) 964-6542Map
Anchor BarFood & Bars450 W Fort St. (313) 964-9127Map
Andiamo RiverfrontFood & Bars400 Renaissance Center (313) 567-6700Map
Angelina Italian BistroFood & Bars1565 Broadway St. (313) 962-1355Map
Astoria Pastry ShopFood & Bars541 Monroe St. (313) 963-9603Map
Atheneum BarFood & Bars1000 Brush St. (313) 962-2323Map
Au Bon PainFood & Bars100 Renaissance Center (313) 393-2271Map
Bangkok CrossingFood & Bars620 Woodward Ave. (313) 9613861Map
Bearclaw CoffeeFood & Bars525 W. Lafayette Blvd. (313) 963-5600Map
Ben & Jerry'sFood & Bars1014 Woodward Ave. (313)964-2185Map
Big City Bar & GrillFood & Bars1020 Washington Blvd. (313) 963-8808Map
Birmingham DeliFood & BarsMillender Center (313) 875-1800Map
Bistro 555Food & Bars555 Monroe St. (888) 771-4386Map
BleuFood & Bars1540 Woodward Ave.(313) 974-7799Map
Blues on BroadwayFood & Bars1315 Broadway St.(313) 962-1323Map
Bookies Bar and GrillFood & Bars2208 Cass Ave. (313) 963-2589Map
BrizolaFood & Bars555 E Lafayette St.(313) 309-2499Map
Bucharest GrillFood & Bars2040 Park Ave.(313) 965-3111Map
Buffalo Wild WingsFood & Bars1218 Randolph St.(313) 961-9453Map
Buhl BarFood & Bars535 Griswold St.(313) 963-6118Map
Burger KingFood & BarsRen Cen Food Court(313) 392-9362Map
Café d'Mongo's SpeakeasyFood & Bars1439 Griswold St.Map
Carnival Fresh MexFood & Bars645 Griswold St.(313) 223-1400Map
Centaur BarFood & Bars2233 Park Ave.(313) 963-4040Map
Checker Bar & GrillFood & Bars124 Cadillac Square(313) 961-9249Map
Cheli's ChiliFood & Bars47 E. Adams(313) 961-1700Map
Chez ZaraFood & Bars1555 Broadway St.(313) 962-9272Map
City Club/LabyrinthFood & Bars400 Bagley St(313) 962-2300Map
CK Mediterranean GrilleFood & Bars119 Monroe St.(313) 496-6666Map
Cliff Bell'sFood & Bars2030 Park Ave.(313) 961-2543Map
Coach InsigniaFood & Bars200 Renaissance Center(313) 567-2622Map
Cobo Joe'sFood & Bars422 W. Congress St.(313) 965-0840Map
Coffee BeaneryFood & BarsRen Cen Food Court(313) 568-1040Map
Cold Stone CreameryFood & Bars540 Monroe St.(313) 964-2715Map
ColorsFood & Bars311 E Grand River Ave.(313) 496-1212Map
Coney Town/Fish CityFood & BarsRen Cen Food Court(313) 259-8000Map
Cottage Inn PizzaFood & Bars107 Monroe St. (313) 782-4951Map
Courtyard CafeFood & Bars333 E. Jefferson Ave.(800) 627-7468Map
DaEdoardo's GrilleFood & Bars2203 Woodward Ave.(313) 471-3500Map
Delux LoungeFood & Bars350 Monroe St.(313) 962-4200Map
Detroit Beer CompanyFood & Bars1529 Broadway St.(313) 962-1529Map
Detroit PubFood & Bars1326 Brush St.(313) 963-3500Map
Detroit Seafood MarketFood & Bars1435 Randolph St.(313) 962-4180Map
Detroiter BarFood & Bars655 Beaubien St.313-963-3355Map
Dirty TrickFood & Bars2001 Woodward Ave.(313) 974-7470Map
Dominos PizzaFood & Bars65 Cadillac Square(248) 691-9000Map
Elwood Bar & GrillFood & Bars300 E. Adams(313) 962-2337Map
ElysiumFood & Bars625 Shelby St.(313) 962-2244Map
Epic TavernFood & Bars408 W. Congress St.(313) 285-9038Map
ExodusFood & Bars529 Monroe St.(313) 962-7093Map
Finn and PorterFood & Bars525 W. Lafayette Blvd.(313) 963-7200Map
Firebird BarFood & Bars419 Monroe St.(313) 420-0313Map
Fishbone'sFood & Bars400 Monroe St.(313) 965-4600Map
Five Guys BurgersFood & Bars508 Monroe St.(313)237-7777Map
Flood's Bar & GrillFood & Bars731 St. Antoine St.(313)963-1090Map
Foran's Grand Trunk PubFood & Bars612 Woodward Ave.(313)961-3043Map
Fountain BistroFood & Bars800 Woodward Ave.(313)237-7778Map
Golden FleeceFood & Bars525 Monroe St.(313)962-7093Map
Gourmet DeliFood & Bars500 Renaissance Center(313)396-5543Map
Greenwich TimeFood & Bars130 Cadillac Square(313)961-7885Map
Ham Shop CaféFood & Bars330 Monroe St.(313)965-0088Map
Harbor HouseFood & Bars440 Clinton St.(313) 967-9900Map
Hard Rock CaféFood & Bars45 Monroe St.(313) 964-7625Map
Hockeytown CaféFood & Bars2301 Woodward Ave.(313) 471-3400Map
Hot TacoFood & Bars2233 Park Ave.(313) 963-4545Map
Hudson CaféFood & Bars1241 Woodward Ave.(313) 237-1000Map
IridescenceFood & Bars2901 Grand River Ave(313) 237-6732Map
Jacoby's German BiergartenFood & Bars624 Brush St.(313) 962-7067Map
Jazz Café-Music HallFood & Bars350 Madison St.(313) 887-8532Map
Jimmy JohnsFood & Bars615 Griswold St.(313) 963-1044Map
Jimmy JohnsFood & Bars95 Monroe St.(313) 963-9131Map
Joe Muer's SeafoodFood & Bars400 Renaissance Center(313) 567-6837Map
Just BakedFood & Bars719 Griswold St.(313) 962-4901Map
La Casa de Habana Cigar BarFood & Bars1502 Randolph St.(313) 285-8332Map
Lafayette Coney IslandFood & Bars118 W. Lafayette Blvd.(313) 964-8198Map
Level TwoFood & Bars535 Monroe St.(313) 420-1990Map
Liv Resto LoungeFood & Bars641 Beaubien St.(313) 962-9548Map
Loco Tex-Mex GrillFood & Bars454 E. Lafayette St.(313) 965-3737Map
London Chop HouseFood & Bars155 W. Congress St.(313) 962-0277Map
Luci & Ethel'sFood & Bars400 Bagley Ave.(313) 962-2300Map
Lunchtime GlobalFood & Bars660 Woodward Ave.(313) 963-4871Map
McDonaldsFood & BarsRen Cen Food Court(313) 567-2214Map
Monroe Street SteakhouseFood & Bars561 Monroe St.(313) 961-3636Map
Motor BarFood & Bars1114 Washington Blvd.(313) 442-1600Map
Motown Cafe & GrillFood & Bars111 Cadillac Square(313) 961-9988Map
Nathan's DeliFood & Bars581 E Jefferson Ave.(313) 962-3354Map
New ParthenonFood & Bars547 Monroe St.(313) 963-8888Map
Nick's GaslightFood & Bars441 Grand River Ave.(313) 963-9191Map
Niki's PizzaFood & Bars735 Beaubien St.(313) 961-4303Map
Old ShillelaghFood & Bars349 Monroe St.(313) 964-0007Map
Olga's KitchenFood & Bars1040 Woodward Ave.(313) 965-3740Map
Orchid ThaiFood & Bars115 Monroe St.(313) 962-0225Map
Pappy's Sports Bar & GrillFood & Bars517 Monroe St.(313) 983-4000Map
Park BarFood & Bars2040 Park Ave.(313) 962-2933Map
Pegasus TavernaFood & Bars558 Monroe St.(313) 964-6800Map
Pizza Papalis TavernaFood & Bars553 Monroe St.(313) 961-8020Map
Plaka CaféFood & Bars535 Monroe St.(313) 962-4687Map
Potbelly Sandwich WorksFood & Bars200 Renaissance Center(313) 566-0028Map
Presto Gourmet DeliFood & Bars400 Renaissance Center(313) 567-6700Map
R.U.B. BBQ PubFood & Bars18 West Adams(313) 964-0782Map
Red Smoke BBQFood & Bars573 Monroe At.(313) 962-2100Map
Rice Bowl Asian KitchenFood & Bars333 E Jefferson Ave.(313) 963-3200Map
Rice Bowl ExpressFood & BarsRen Cen Food Court(313) 259-3200Map
Rio WrapsFood & Bars719 Griswold St.(313) 965-2475Map
RoastFood & Bars1114 Washington Blvd.(313) 961-2500Map
Roasting PlantFood & Bars660 Woodward Ave.(313) 782-4291Map
Rowland CaféFood & Bars500 Griswold St.(313) 964-1928Map
Salsarita'sFood & BarsRen Cen Food Court(313) 567-3701Map
SantoriniFood & Bars501 Monroe St.(313) 962-9366Map
Shotz Sports Bar and GrillFood & Bars555 Monroe St.(313) 223-2999Map
Signature Grille and BarFood & Bars250 Riverfront Dr.(313) 394-0667Map
Sky Bar & Lounge DetroitFood & Bars1150 Griswold St.(313) 965-3054Map
Slices PizzaFood & Bars1043 Woodward Ave.(313) 963-8800Map
Small PlatesFood & Bars521 Broadway St.(313) 963-0702Map
St. Andrew's Hall / The ShelterFood & Bars431 E. Congress St.(313) 961-8961Map
Starbuck's-Ren CenFood & BarsRenaissance Center(313) 568-8000Map
Starbuck's-MGM CasinoFood & Bars1777 Third St.(877) 660-0660Map
State Bar & GrillFood & Bars2115 Woodward Ave.(313) 961-5451Map
Steve's Detroit DeliFood & Bars212 E Grand River Ave.(313) 962-0166Map
Steve's PlaceFood & Bars439 E. Congress St.(313) 961-5559Map
Subway-Congress St.Food & Bars220 W. Congress St.(313) 962-1718Map
Subway-Cadillac SquareFood & Bars65 Cadillac Square(313) 963-8727Map
Subway-Ren CenFood & BarsRen Cen Food Court(313) 567-3345Map
Sweetwater TavernFood & Bars400 E. Congress St.(313) 962-2210Map
TAPFood & Bars1777 Third St.(313) 465-1234Map
Texas de BrazilFood & Bars1000 Woodward Ave.(313) 964-4333Map
That Sandwich PlaceFood & BarsRen Cen Food Court(313) 826-1437Map
The Bagley BarFood & Bars210 Bagley Ave.(313) 638-2157Map
The Bagley GrilleFood & Bars216 Bagley Ave.(313) 964-3777Map
The BaltimoreFood & Bars1234 Randolph St.(313) 964-2728Map
The Chrome GrilleFood & Bars351 Gratiot Ave.(313) 967-0900Map
The WellFood & Bars1228 Randolph St.(313) 964-0776Map
ThreeFifty Terrace-Music HallFood & Bars350 Madison St.(313) 687-4350Map
Tim Horton's-Millender CenterFood & BarsMillender Center(313) 964-2575Map
Tim Horton's-Compuware BuildingFood & BarsOne Campus Martius(313) 962-5550Map
Tommy's Detroit Bar & GrillFood & Bars624 Third St.(313) 965-2269Map
Tom's Oyster BarFood & Bars519 E. Jefferson Ave.(313) 964-4010Map
Town Pump TavernFood & Bars100 W. Montcalm St.(313) 961-1929Map
uDetroit CaféFood & Bars1427 Randolph St.(313) 962-0660Map
Urban Bean Co.Food & Bars200 Grand River Ave(313) 496-1010Map
V Nightclub-MGM Grand DetroitFood & Bars1777 Third St.(877) 888-2121Map
Vicente's Cuban CuisineFood & Bars1250 Library St.(313) 962-8800Map
Volt LoungeFood & Bars400 Renaissance Center(313) 568-8700Map
Wah HooFood & Bars536 Shelby St.(313) 324-8700Map
WBC CoffeeFood & Bars1114 Washington Blvd.(313) 442-1604Map
Wolfgang Puck PizzeriaFood & Bars1777 Third St.(877) 888-2121Map
Wolfgang Puck SteakFood & Bars1777 Third St.(313) 465-1644Map
Woodward Coney IslandFood & Bars616 Woodward Ave.(313) 961-9900Map
Zef's Coney IslandFood & Bars1249 Washington Blvd.(313) 962-2077Map
ZoupFood & BarsRen Cen Food Court(313) 567-7500Map
Potbelly Sandwich Works-Campus MartiusFood & Bars777 Woodward Ave.(313)309-4197Map
Bagger DavesFood & Bars1224 Randolph St.(313)782-4147Map
VoltFood & Bars1 Renaissance Center(313)568-8000Map