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Look for brightly colored uniformed Ambassadors in Downtown Detroit! The DDP’s Downtown Ambassador program will expand services that care for public spaces downtown.

Keeping Downtown Detroit remarkable is made possible with the BIZ’s consistent cleaning services to elevate and maintain clean, friendly and inviting public spaces. The BIZ keeps a watchful eye and dedicates extraordinary care providing the following:

• Sidewalk litter patrols
• Graffiti and sticker removal from signs, light poles and utility boxes
• Sidewalk power washing and winter snow tidying

As caretakers of Downtown Detroit, the BIZ enthusiastically delivers value to our residents, visitors, property owners, corporate employers, sidewalk level businesses, cultural attractions, theaters, sports and entertainment complexes, convention center and hotels.

Contract Service Areas

Downtown Detroit Partnership provides contract cleaning services to areas outside the BIZ boundaries. Contract partners include Midtown Detroit Inc., Jefferson East Incorporated, the Riverfront Conservancy, Eastern Market and Motor City Casino.


Who to Call

Contact DDP to request a service or to report an issue:

Ambassador Program Frequently Asked Questions

What are Ambassadors?
Ambassadors are proactive and friendly individuals that clean and serve as information resources for downtown’s businesses, residents, and visitors. Stationed throughout downtown Detroit, the Ambassadors have been trained to provide assistance with directions, restaurant recommendations, and tourist attractions. Additionally, Ambassadors are linked to a communications network shared by the Detroit Police Department and private security officers to help encourage and maintain a safe downtown. Their positive presence and connectivity contribute to an enjoyable Detroit experience.

What is the Business Improvement Zone (BIZ)?
The Business Improvement Zone (BIZ) is a public body governed by a Board of Directors, a diverse group of volunteer community leaders, and managed by the Downtown Detroit Partnership. The BIZ is a defined area funded by business owners that share a commitment to provide a clean and welcoming downtown Detroit. In order to make this possible, downtown property owners voluntarily tax themselves with about $4 million annually to support the cleaning, landscaping, and hospitality services of the BIZ. For additional information about DDP and the BIZ, visit

Is this a new program?
The Downtown Detroit Ambassador program will continue the strong legacy of Clean Downtown, created under the leadership of former Chairman, Roger Penske. The Clean Downtown program began when Detroit hosted Super Bowl XL in 2006 to provide additional maintenance support to downtown Detroit. In addition to maintenance services, Clean Downtown’s mission intentionally provides transitional employment opportunities for Detroiters with long-term employment barriers. From 2006 through 2014, 1,062 transitional employees of Goodwill Industries of Metro Detroit participated. The BIZ Ambassador program continues to carry out Clean Downtown’s social mission and the added hospitality component actively engages the community to enhance the downtown experience.

Where can I find the Ambassadors?
Ambassadors can be found anywhere throughout Detroit’s central business district. They can be easily recognized by their bright yellow uniforms and eagerness to help.

I’m a downtown business owner. How do I benefit from this program?
The goal of the BIZ and the DDP is to deliver services through a team of highly visible hospitality and cleaning ambassadors infused with a culture of ownership in their communities and its perception. The goal is to maintain a clean and hospitable downtown that provides the foundation for other revitalization activities.

Who can participate in the Downtown Ambassador program?
Everyone. We encourage interaction with Ambassadors. Please get to know the Ambassadors in your neighborhood and consider them a resource supporting your positive downtown experience. If you see a situation such as graffiti or litter that needs attention, please report it to the Ambassador hotline: (313) 963-2225.

Who is Block by Block?
Block by Block was selected by DDP through an open and competitive process to provide cleaning, hospitality, and customer service personnel for downtown and neighborhood commercial districts. Headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky, Block by Block has served over 70 commercial districts throughout the country since its inception in 1995. Block by Block is bringing national best practices to Detroit.

Who is Goodwill Industries of Metro Detroit?
Goodwill Industries of Metro Detroit has prepared people with barriers to employment to serve as Clean Ambassadors through its employment and training program. Goodwill is providing workers are “trained, trusted, and ready to work.” Information about the many offerings of Goodwill Industries is available at

How can I apply for a job as an Ambassador?
DDP is committed to providing employment opportunities to Detroiters who face several employment barriers. Block by Block and its partner, Goodwill Industries of Greater Detroit, aim to employ locals who believe in the empowerment and reestablishment of the greater downtown Detroit area.

Whether seeking a second chance or just interested in a new opportunity, outgoing, hardworking jobseekers looking to share their passion for Detroit may apply at

How do I learn more?
You can learn more about the BIZ Ambassador Program as well as DDP’s other extensive programs by visiting or by calling (313) 495-1305.