The DDP Mission

Our mission is to advance Detroit by driving engagement, development and programs that benefit businesses, residents and visitors throughout the Downtown.

We are nonprofit that strengthens and supports Downtown Detroit through strategic initiatives and programs. DDP convenes business, philanthropic and government partners to create a vibrant, resilient urban core for Detroit and the surrounding community.

  • We believe the power of any great city and state begins with a strong Downtown.
  • Every day, we work to make downtown an easier place to do business, navigate, and a safer for all those who work, live and visit our Downtown.
  • We are the advocates and allies of business and civic leaders, philanthropy, employees, residents and visitors who want to make things happen in Downtown Detroit.
  • Nobody is more connected, more physically engaged or better positioned geographically than the Downtown Detroit Partnership.
  • The Downtown Detroit Partnership has the teams and strategies in place to help you get things done downtown. It is our job to connect you with the people, organizations and services that will help you get results.